Touchstone Construction Corporation was established in 2004 as a Custom Home Builder serving the highend market in Virginia. Registered and licensed as a Class “A”  residential building contractor in Northern Virginia. 

As a Builder, the ability to professionally manage a project from start to completion is essential to ensuring the success of such project, however, the technical knowledge and understanding of the construction documents, building codes, and industry standards is extremely important to insure the quality and comprehensiveness of the construction process. 

Fine craftsmanship, attention to details and personalized services are the hallmarks of Touchstone. Dedicated to customer service, all work is guranteed.
Our Team
  1. Project Managers
    Project Managers
    Our Project Managers are experienced and well versed in the industry.
  2. Site Supervisors
    Site Supervisors
    A site supervisor is an essential part of the overall team. Our qualified Site Supervisors manage the day to day activities and ensure all of the Subcontractors are performing their assignments per plans and set schedule
  3. Customer Service
    Customer Service
    We assign a customer service representative to work with our clients at the start of each project. They are tasked with providing communications with the project owner and informing them of the progress.
  4. Managment
    Our principals are involved with every aspect of every project and provide their full attention to the service of our customers.